Our Vision

An empowered community that supports a holistic development and general wellbeing of vulnerable groups for sustainable development


Our Mission

To support and ensure the wellbeing of all vulnerable groups of people in Lwengo District



To promote the general welfare of all vulnerable groups in Lwengo district by creating supportive and sustainable mechanisms that can ensure their wellbeing

Our Story

Mbajja Foundation is a Community Based Organization registered by Lwengo District under registration number CD/LDLG/503. The organization is based in Kyazanga Town Council located about 50 km along Masaka -Mbarara highway. It implements various projects to support the wellbeing of vulnerable groups of people including Orphans and Vulnerable Children, youths, women, HIV infected and affected people, and persons with disabilities.

The major objective of the project is to provide support to vulnerable groups of people to ensure that they live normal and sustainable lives in their communities.   Many people in lwengo live in abject poverty with limited access to clean water, food, health and education services, clean toilets, among others. Many youths do not are not employed which poses a big risk to the community. These are some of the reasons why Mbajja Foundation was started to reverse this situation in Lwengo district